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Aiven for M3 is a massively scalable fully managed open source time-series database. By joining the early access Beta, you get to test M3 and see how it can serve your architecture.


Aiven for M3Beta
Key Features

Just because it’s a Beta, doesn’t mean that it won’t be full of features. We want to make sure you put Aiven for M3 through its paces. Check out what will be included in the Beta version.

Management Dashboard

Our web UI allows you to easily manage your managed M3 database clusters.

Ingests in the format you already use


InfluxDB line protocol


Integrate with your workflow


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Syslog Output
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External Elasticsearch
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Aiven Elasticsearch


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Aiven Metrics
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Multi AZ Placement

Not only will we automatically replicate your data across availability zones, we ensure that it is optimally rebalanced.

Terraform Support

Include your Aiven infrastructure in your Terraform tooling to easily build, configure and manage Aiven for M3 and other services.

Virtual Private Network (VPC) peering

Directly access your managed M3 service from your AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure private network with VPC peering.

Want Early Access?

We’re almost ready for you to try Aiven for M3, we’ll tell you when you can.

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Get access to the M3Beta

Ok, let's do this!

Three steps to get involved in the early access program

What does beta mean?
Aiven beta services include the all of the features and documentation that are required for use in production environments. The beta designation means that they aren’t covered under our standard SLA and support guarantees, because its purpose is to act as a real world proving phase and help us make improvements from your feedback.

Why should I consider early access?

  • Be among the first to access a new, production-grade service

  • A chance to influence the direction and implementation of our platform

Will it cost me anything to test the service?
No, we will give you credits to adequately test the service. All we ask in return is that your test reflects your real-world use case, feedback that we can use to make improvements, and a willingness to provide us a quote that we can use in our product communications.

Top 3 questions about the early access program

I want to apply!

We notify you when it's ready, 
providing you credits and instructions on launching M3


We review all applicants, 
selecting those whose use cases are the best match


Apply for early access, 
tell us about your use case and projected data volumes


I want to apply!