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To apply to the Aiven Cluster startup program, your startup needs to be affiliated with one of our partnering accelerators, incubators, or VCs.

You also need to have raised funding no greater than Series A, and operating for no more than 5 years.

Why join Aiven Cluster?

• $100,000 credit for Aiven services 

• Access to Aiven technical expertise and portfolio of open source services

• Mentoring and virtual events focused on Aiven service use cases

• Promotion and support to help eligible startups scale up

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Current investor partners

If your investor is not listed below, you can ask them to contact us directly at

  • Atomico
  • Atlantic Labs
  • Cherry Ventures
  • Earlybird
  • EQT
  • First Fellow
  • Inventure
  • IVP
  • Lakestar
  • Lifeline Ventures
  • Maki VC
  • Maria 01
  • Northzone
  • OpenOcean
  • Vendep
  • World Innovation Lab

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